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Call for applications 2020 Conferences

For the year 2020 CIRM (Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica), supported and co-funded by Fondazione Bruno Kessler, by the University of Trento and by the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM), wants to promote and to fund in 2020 a series of Conferences and mathematical Meetings, in collaboration with European Research Institutes and Universities. The center has a long tradition in organizing mathematical events started in 1979; this year marks the forty-first anniversary and records more than 320 conferences.

Proposals of a conference for the year 2020 must be submitted before September, 2019, by ordinary mail to the address: Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica, Via Alla Cascata, 56C - Povo, 38123 Trento or via electronic mail to the address

An application must contain:

  1. a scientific proposal, with names of possible speakers,
  2. a rather detailed financial budget, which CIRM will be asked to finance partially (up to 50%),
  3. specification of the other available or planned financial resources.