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Call for applications 2021 Conferences

The CIRM (Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica), located in Trento-Italy, supported and co-funded by Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), by the Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica (INdAM) and by the University of Trento (UNITN), wants to organize in 2021 a series of international conferences and meetings in the fields of Mathematics. The Center has a long tradition in organizing mathematical events started in 1979 and records up-to-now more than 300 events (

Due to the sanitary Emergency, most of the planned events in the year 2020 have been cancelled. The Advisory Board of CIRM, following the requests of various scientific organizers, decided to reschedule many of the planned events in 2020 to next year 2021.

This decision engages most of the activities for the year 2021. However, CIRM opens a call for new applications of conferences. A limited number of them will be accepted.

Proposals of a conference must be submitted before October, 2020,

  • by ordinary mail to the address: Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Centro Internazionale per la Ricerca Matematica, Via Alla Cascata, 56C - Povo, 38123 Trento, or
  • via electronic mail to the address

An application must contain:

  1. a scientific proposal, with names of possible speakers,
  2. a rather detailed financial budget, which CIRM will be asked to finance partially (up to 50%),
specification of the other available or planned financial resources.
The Advisory Board of CIRM will evaluate all submitted proposals and applications ( ).